Saturday, April 30, 2016

We get a choice? Whoa. Really?

The world exists.  We have no choices beyond those within our reach, and those that mortals are allowed.  But in the past people were assumed to have a faith in a deity, and generally speaking, in western culture, the deity was the Judeo/Christian God Jehovah.  So the western world had expectations in the era prior to modernity that were religious, but also, assumed the truth of God.  As such, questions arose, of how would we act if offered Godly power, or some Godly privilege? 

Or, somewhat differently, what would happen should the Devil offer you extended life, or some great power?  If your name was Faust and the devil's name Mephisto, you'd be in a special position.  Faust was a scholar who despite his successful his life wanted more.  This desire led him to make a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for absolute and unlimited knowledge along with similarly unlimited worldly pleasures.  How might we behave in similar situation?  And in the end, have you not asked yourself for more than your current share?

A Faustian bargain? Sell your soul to the devil?  "I'd give my life for a chance with..."

Ever think about selling your soul for a donut?

So then watch, as the world makes its own Faustian bargains.  In Japan, who experienced Nuclear weapon devastation, now depends in part upon Nuclear power.  It has made a Faustian bargain.

So is life worth the pursuit of the flesh?  As Faust learned, the devil remembers every bargain, never forgives a debt, and any moment gained, will be paid for later.

Very deep are the arguments and thoughts regarding the choices made, and the consequences that would follow.  But try to never assume anyone deserves their place in hell, unless of course, it is you, unless of course it is Hitler or the sort.

Along with Faust's bargain, the story has been told from other perspectives.  One brilliant work is found in Mephisto, a 1981 movie, about the rise of a modestly talented actor who rises high, in the era of the Nazi world.

In the comic book world Spawn by Todd McFarlane of Image Comics has made a choice to offer his services as a demonspawn so that he can spend time upon the earth to watch over his former wife in the flesh life.  Sadly, his Faustian bargain cost him more than his afterlife condemning him to hell and the politics of the realm.

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