Thursday, June 1, 2017

COMIC Stores & My Summer Reading List

I will be compiling various resources for comic book fans.  I will look at the past companies, the trends and genres of comics, the local talents, and interviews with comic book talents.  I have worked for a number of comic book stores, as well as tried to visit as many as I was able.  Some of the stores I mention will not still exist.  But I think it is good to remember the past.

I think 8 Twin City locations
Dead now.

I have live in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, for 30 years.  Shinders supplied my comic book addiction more than any other store.  They were a bit outrageous on their wall comics, but the cheapo section was brilliant.  They had shelf space for every publisher, and I miss them.

1421 S. Kolb Road
Tucson, AZ. 85710-8431
(520) 320-0279

Charlie's Comic Books I only have had the briefest of experiences with.  But that experience was great.  I had met Charlie Harris at Fantasy Comics, but, while that was a good store, I thought the owner was a prick.  Charlie's is the manager's vision, and he kicks more ass than most any other non-chain, and indy store.

1957 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 375-7462

When I lived in Charlotte NC in 1988-89, it was when my addiction to comics was at its peak.  Heroes, for short, was a power in the area, customer friendly, and had great amounts of back issues to search through.  They host the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, which is a big production.  I would be happy to have them in the area where I live.  Who knows, maybe someday.  (I love Charlotte, it was beautiful.)

The just finished Memorial Day holiday reminds us that soon will be Summer

Over summer I do 3 things.  Well other than eating, drinking, sleeping, peeing and pooing.  I mow the lawn in a weekly battle with Lawn Gnomes, Smelly Hippies, and thorny weeds.  I drink beer, and perhaps Bloody Mary's after mowing.  And I read. These are to be re-read as I try not to repeatedly read comics, so that they remain fresh.

Published by Image Comics
Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette and Rick Veitch

I didn't altogether understand the point of this series at first.  But, I loved every moment of it.  The series is an homage to the Silver Age of American comics (Marvel Comics especially), and even offered spoof advertisements on the back to continue the homage.  The stories in themselves are well done, the characters very interesting, but I always felt the story needed to be longer, and ongoing. 


FROM DC Comics
By Jack Kirby
and Steve Rude

I love the work of Jack Kirby.  I particularly enjoy his 4th World mythology.  His characters Big Barda and Scott Free are a wonderful creation that makes the comic series MISTER MIRACLE among my favorites.  So why am I reading it?  I am rereading it for the many teenth time.  It cheers me up, and I find it rewarding with every read.


FROM DC Comics
By Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers
(and others)

After Jack Kirby was gone from DC his characters still existed.  Marshall Rogers and Steve Englehart created a story line that was beautiful, and sadly, too short.  I bought the series when Steve Gerber and Michael Golden took over, as well and while it lost something, it looked nice.

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