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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Congratulations Erik Larsen

By Alex Ness

The comic book SAVAGE DRAGON has reached issue #225, and by such, it has arrived at its 25th anniversary of its beginnings.  As a work almost all by a single writer/artist, it is remarkable in numerous respects.  Few creative talents have such patience to devote themselves to telling the story that is there.  And, few remain as good as this when they do long runs.  I believe that it is the most readable comic on the market, due to how the stories are told.  I hope it goes onto the issue 300, but, I don't mean to enslave Erik, I just hope it does that to take the title of longest single run.  It would be an apt award and accomplishment.

I did read this issue, #225, and was quite impressed.  It is written in a fashion that you feel empathy for all those involved, and it isn't simply fighting and angst.  The art is big and evocative.  And to explain some of this, the Dragon has had a son, Malcolm, who has received the great strength and power that the father used to have.  In this issue Dragon senior is tempted to go back to the thing that would give him that power.

There are numerous other things to mention... there is partial nudity, so it should be noted it is for mature readers.  It is not porn, so mature readers means not children I guess.  This issue had a lot of stories, including a reprint of Erik's very first Dragon story, and other stories by Erik writing and other artists.  It is a worthy celebration of a title deserving credit for being constantly fun to read.

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