Monday, March 29, 2010

The End is Near

At the turn of ever Millenium we have predictions of dire end to the world. There is a localistic belief that our time, our place is the most important, and thereby, the pinnacle.

We've been hearing on the news that 2012 fears come from a number of factors, the Mayan Calendar ends, at the end of 2012, a variety of pseudo science gurus tell us that Nibiru, a planet that will destroy the earth in a great collision approaches, and that the end this time is unavoidable.

But the fact that people watch documentaries about some prophecy of disaster doesn't mean it is likely, nor does it mean that there is anything to suggest that popular culture is doing anything but reflecting what we are thinking about. That is, no matter what is reality, the job of media is to entertain, and it does so by thinking about what you are thinking about, and giving you information in that regard. Even if it isn't news, or reality, if you are interested in it, their job is to feed that.

So is 2012 false? I guess we will find out for certain, soon enough. But Y2K was mostly false. And contrary to numerous predictions, Jesus hasn't returned yet, that anyone knows. But they will, however, keep predicting it.

When the end DOES come, I suggest it won't be nearly so dramatic, nearly so complete, or nearly so predictable. It will happen, I am relatively sure, but just how? How the hell do I know?

But I do know that Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Däniken make money when you believe their theories, and they sell books and documentaries, to you. They have understood your fears, and they desire your money. So give it to them if you like. But if the end is near, I would suggest that they have no clue more than you what will be the cause.


kurt wilcken said...

I wonder if the people who believe that the world will end in 2012 also believe that their car will cease to exist when the odometer hits 000000?

alex-ness said...

Being kind of depressed for no good reason I might think it ok for things to be done in 2012, but for crap sake, there are reasons to fear things, but nothing I see in the Mayan calendar scares me.