Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dark Humor to waken a spirit.

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When I am depressed I need something to crack open the ice upon my heart.

Shakes the Clown does it for me.

It is a dark, horribly dark humorous satire of the world of entertainment. Clowns, Mimes and Clowns who are Television hosts are analogues for Comedians, Actors and Talk Show hosts. Ready yourself to be repulsed and shocked, but then, realize this work is free from cliché and works to tell a story that is an allegory for a world you might not realize exists. It is dark, yes, but it is also funny, and affective.

Why am I depressed? Original member of and Poplitiko Alan Coil died upon April 30th, 2010 of a massive heart attack. He was one of my better friends in this world, and I will miss him, deeply.

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