Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15, Holiday Reviewarama Button Man by Rebellion UK

John Wagner & Frazer Irving
"Book IV: The Hitman's Daughter"
2000 AD #1551-1566, 2007

The Publisher

Harry Exton is a Button Man. One of a number of them. These "Button Men"are part of a dangerous, deadly, violent game. A voice directs them to the others, and the hunt begins. The object of the game is to kill your opponent obviously, but if they capture the opponent they take a finger, or joint. Once three have been taken, the result is death. But while Harry Exton is a Button Man, he is not altogether like the others. He isn't totally crushed by the work he does. He still has some ethics, if not, altogether, morals. This volume of the overall story follows a double cross between friends, alliances between otherwise enemies, and personal decisions that make this a wild ride and violent game.

This book was very well written and illustrated. It was a cinematic work, with very able story telling. Very impressive. But, for the great quality of it, it has an expensive cover price. But, for anyone enjoying the spy genre, or action films, this is one very fun ride.

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