Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 16, Holiday Reviewarama: DECISION POINTS George W. Bush

I try to avoid overtly political posts here, for the reason that politics do not unite, don't create consensus and politics rarely help us come to any sort of moral decision. More and more the world is divided amongst groups and cliques and tribes, and no matter how modern we are, the US and Western countries are just as likely to separate on the lines of politics, religious faith and world view as any other...

But I think this book, however well written or not, is important. It isn't because I agree with the acts and decisions of former President Bush. Because I truly do not. It isn't because I am looking for ammunition for eventual arguments with people who don't agree with my views, from the left or right. It is because the world was subject to the decisions of this man, and for years we've been given his motives from bits and pieces and talking heads on television and radio and internet. In my life I've seen great presidents and bad. And I know people who thought Bush was tainted by impossible obstacles to success, and others who say he created such obstacles, and he made the situation worse than it would have ever been.

As a degreed historian I am quite sure that his decisions will be laid bare for motive and result for the next century. But cause and effect in the present and recent past are hard to distill no matter the motive of the scholar. So, for however right or wrong the author Bush is, at least the words come from him, directly, and if you hate him or love him, you can be assured that this is going to be a subject for debate beyond polite web discussions.

If you dislike him just get it from the library. If you like him, buy a dozen copies. I am not interested in how you get it, but for the discussions in the future, get it...

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