Monday, June 26, 2017

Memories of Comics Late 1976 to May of 1978

By Alex Ness
June 20, 2017

Spending the rewards for having a big newspaper route...

During 1976 I began my paper route.  I was turning 13 and ready to make money.  My often critical father said, before I became an adult that I was good at saving my money, and that was true.  When I began working as paperboy my income skyrocketed from 50 cents a week, to considerably more.  But, even though I had shitloads more money, I put it in bank, except for 2 or 3 dollars per week.

I lied to myself in thinking that I was buying Devil Dinosaur and Machine Man because they were #1 issues.  I still have my copies, and I read the living hell out of them.

I always liked Captain America.  Add Jack Kirby to that, and I am sold.

And I LOVED the X-Men.  I didn't love the newstand at the time, since I missed key issues.

And you can perceive, perhaps, my Marvel Comics were done by the guy who created Kamandi and Omac, as they can be seen above.  I was also a big fan of DC's Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes. 

From November 1976 to May of 1978 I was loaded with money on a relative scale to what I had previously had for money.  And, entering high school I placed all of my money in a bank.  And by four years later, in May of 1982, I had 80% of the money stockpile still in my account.

And by the time I entered college, I had to pay it all for school and life.  And by the end of first year in college I was ready to withdraw the last money from the account.  And I haven't been good with money ever since.

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