Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Written by Jamie Delano
Art by John Higgins
First publisher: DC Comics
Reprint Publisher: Dover Publication

Product supplied by one of the creative artists.

World Without End was the comic book that ripped open my mind.

When this work first came out I did enjoy a wide variety of genres, and I am not a moron.  But I went into it expecting something that I never received, and the story was so much better for the failed expectations.

Jamie Delano is, presently, a favorite writer, but at the time I was only familiar with his work upon Hellblazer.  I liked that he was so able to write the sort of horror that I found it requiring courage to continue to reading. Opening the book I immediately loved the palette used by John Higgins, but I wasn't aware of his depth at the time I began this journey.  I assure you, by the end of the journey both Delano and Higgins sealed their position in my list of must read all of their work list.

This book was amazing.  If you are the sort who wishes heroes and villains in all of your stories you might well find yourself taking sides in this, but that is a trap.  This is proof that not all problems in life have a solution.  Not always in life do you find the answers in hand to the questions asked.  This work told a linear story that works as myth, and a tale of hope for the future, and it is full of truth.

The myth is the nature of genders and orientations, and how we can become isolated from the other genders and orientations, but we really aren't in competition.  As a matter of fact, we are in need of unification, of communion, with one another.  It is especially apt in this modern day of division, that perhaps the winner take all paradigms Western society has wrapped itself in, is not the answer to the issues at hand.  A professor of mine, who was no genius, expressed that in any other era Winston Churchill might have been a tyrant or as bad as Hitler, but in the era he appeared in, he was the answer to the wanting leadership in the UK.  I don't altogether agree with that, but the idea that genders and orientations and existence is necessarily divisive is deterministic, and, we might be presented with a question, but the answer is not necessarily the easiest to find.

The writing of this book is gloriously rich. While it takes some switching in the mind to prepare the ground for impact, I was completely enamored of the story.  And then we see the art provided by John Higgins.  First off, it is amazing, alive and a perfect accompaniment to the writing.  Painted in violent hues, the action and story move with liquidity.

The physical quality of the product at hand, is very impressive.  As a fan of the series I found nothing about it that would make me unhappy.  There is a great amount of love I have for this work, and the product put forth by Dover enhanced what I already found to be superb.


Unknown said...

This is what i should be reading ...il endevour... thanks x

alex-ness said...

thank you very much for reading the review≥