Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Past Publisher's works considered, or something

FUTURE? What the...

I wrote a couple large review columns back when this company was alive, and had three different review/interview columns on different comic book sites.  Both of those large columns never saw the light of day.  One of the columns was for a retailer.  The owner of that said no thank you.  I asked why, and it was about his belief that Future was not a publisher but a distributor and such and, by extension a competitor for the dollars.  (Rightly or wrongly...)  On the other two website hosts for columns, there were two other reactions.  On one the owner of the site said he didn't like the three creative people who formed and work through Future Comics.  On the last one the site said this comic company is similar to a basement room publishing mini comics.  And at the time I wasn't using my own site or blogspot, and had no place for those columns.

This is all said to be certain that, I've read the work, and considered it from a number of different angles.  I met the talents on the book, and decided to give them my best consideration.  But, both fate and frustration interrupted my intentions.

Bob Layton, David Michelinie and Dick Giordano formed the core of the company.  They chose to attempt to challenge the distribution domination of Diamond Distribution.  By going to this they were trying to get more money, control their production numbers, and aim at making the most bang for their buck.  That didn't work much.  I do not presume to know what worked or not, for them, but they did put out 4 works that they should be proud of, whether or not I enjoyed them, particularly.

When my reviews didn't get through editorial oversight, I sent the two sets of issues I had to people who I knew would get review offers and occasionally get in print/web.  Both sent me emails back saying "I think this stuff feels like 1980".  Neither did the reviews promised, nor did the company benefit from my efforts.  I regret that, but, I didn't keep things I didn't review, and I tried to help them otherwise.  Sadly, they did hard works, probably lost money, and kept trying, and failed to enter the world of comics as a permanent member.

METALLIX by Michelinie, Layton and Ron Lim.

This series had an interesting premise.  An adventure team who took turns using a smart metal, that could assume a variety of abilities.  But, the manner of writing and depiction did not strike me at all as much interesting as it was competent.  As such, it was hard to see the company as being "new" or the Future of comics.  However, if you'd never read anything prior to these, I think that they'd be enjoyed.  Metallix was well drawn, and well written, but didn't strike my taste button.  However, I was perhaps not the target market.

Deathmask was well written and illustrated.  The concept of a vigilante who used his powers to bring justice was enjoyable.  I liked each issue, and while I'd honestly not consider the book a favorite, it was very much worth the money per issue.  Deathmask had a gun and a secret weapon of quantum science, used to punish his enemies. I think Future tried hard to put effort and quality into their work, and it showed on each of their works.  This book was particularly fun.

I don't know the sales numbers, but my guess would be that FREEMIND was the top seller at Future Comics.  The concept was the best of all the books from Future.  The lead character was a person considered invalided by birth defects, who is able to transfer his intellect into a android form, and able to use every facet of human intellect and more. 

I've never read the work PEACEKEEPER, but I absolutely saw images from the art inside.  It was nice to look at.  It made me hope for a run that never was. 

FUTURE worked with IDW publishing to release a Graphic collection of COLONY, the final work of Dick Giordano.  It is well done and a fitting finale for such a talented industry creator.

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