Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More Truman Gold to Uncover

Any reasonable human having read my writing online over the last 15 years (and holy shit to 15 years) knows I have favorite creative talents.  I make no secret of it.  And Timothy Truman is among my very favorite people.  His work speaks to me in his writing talent and art skills, and vice versa.

And beyond talent and skills, dedication to craft, I think T2 is a wonderful human being in a world really not nearly so wonderful others.

This article is specifically to address 4 series of comics that ought to be collected in TPB format.  I have no idea who owns what.  I have no idea if any of these are at all possible.  I liked them.

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Written by Truman
With Art by Scot Eaton

I appreciate this series for many reasons.  I like the art, and the story, and what I like about it too is the depth of characters.  I felt like I wanted the team to return home whole.  And just where the mission leads will amaze you.  This is a fantastic fun piece of action.

By Truman

This concept is darker than the previous book, the Tribes of the Night have a society and within that is a lawkeeper.  He is a centuries old vampire who is nonetheless a protector of his flock.  Despite some issue with the clarity of various panels on the page, this was a great comic.

By Truman

Three DC characters are on an adventure together, in a dangerous place, with dinosaurs, ninja, Chinese junks, guns, swords and more.  It is a fun adventure, one with the same deft use of character, dialogue and action as other Truman works.  Fun stuff. 

By Truman and Quique Alcatena

The Spider was a character found in pulp novels who was very much different than anything out there in certain respects.   He used heavy disguise and clothing to alter his appearance, but tried to take on aspects of vampirism and the horror figures of the day to make himself a creature of the night, not simple a vigilante with a gun.  He had connections to different cultures, different sorts of philosophies, and was not a killer of police or people on the good side of the law.  Truman's take on this character is reflective of his own sensitivities and of all the works out there I think this could be a beefy addition to the Truman aisle in the best of TPBs room.

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