Friday, October 13, 2017

We could use more, and maybe in tpb format too

Either collect em in TPB, bring out more issues, or do both.  Once again, click on various images to see in larger size.

I remember wanting a lot more of this.  The concept, as it appears, is rather huge, but, when you make it work, huge is an asset.   A mental institution houses a fellow who has to deal with his own demons, the evil predators called doctors, and, illusions.  His town is going to be consumed by insanity.  But, will he survive to save them?  Mark Teague and Derek McCaw didn't get the press they should have, because, this book was sweet.

Whisper, by Steven Grant and quite a number of artists, was a tale of a woman who was also a ninja.  It was well written, not always great but always at least good, and, you could see some young artists, like Norm Breyfogle begin their career.  I liked it, and always thought that comic readers missed out by not getting a large collected tpb of this, and that it isn't still ongoing is rather brutally insane.  Steven Grant is a great writer, one who does work I quite enjoy.

Matt Feazell is a cartoonist with a concept here, a boy raised by ants has super powers, well to the ants this human is a super hero.  And it is funny beyond the concept, he has enemies such as lawnmowers and expectations of others that he is merely human.  I'd love to have more editions of this, as well as a collection.  Hell, I used to buy extra sets to share, so that I could evangelize the world.  Most people liked it.  Those who didn't like it apparently were quite stupid.

This work by Jim Krueger, Matt Smith, Jason Baroody and Brett Weldele featured a society of men, perhaps eternal, who lived in a massive mountain, filled with clockwork.  They were the engine of eternity, they caused and canceled revolutions and wars.  And the series never was finished.  It needs to be done.  Jim promised me a copy, and I gave him a copy of my first book, so, hey, I am due.  Also, despite some format issues, I LOVE the concept.  Others loved the format but couldn't see the depth of the concept.  Oh well.  It needs to be completed.

STRIKE was a comic by two talented fellows, Tom Lyle on art, Chuck Dixon on words.   Of the many reasons I liked this work, the most compelling for me was the back story created to place it in a context of where the power harness came from, and how the world knows about the hero named STRIKE.  It was quite new for its time and I'd love to see it collected in TPB.  Dammit.

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